February 26th, 2006

wolf eyes

*tears hair out*

I swear, I'm going to beat the reviewers of Cerberus upside the head with a 4x4...because the 2x4 is apparently ineffective. Woke up to this in my inbox this morning:

wow, i would love it if you made it into a full out story rather then a one-sh...three-shot fic. keep up the good work though because you are a very good writer!

Oh, you mean a full-out twenty-chapter behemoth? Look at my profile. What in there gives you any indication at all that I'm capable of writing such? Summary after summary says "oneshot." Oneshot, oneshot, one-frickin'-shot, dammit. You're lucky you got two alternate scenarios and over eight thousand words out of this one fic. You're lucky I've left it open to other possibilities instead of just calling it "done," because Lord knows I've got seven other fics plus three original stories sitting on my hard drive waiting for the attention they deserve. Not only that, but this particular pairing squicks the hell out of me, so if you're wanting River and Jayne to make with the smoochies in one of my fics, you're gonna have a LONG frickin' wait.

Okay, I'm glad they liked it. I'm glad they liked it enough to push the review button and let me know they liked it. I'm sure they didn't mean to be insulting. I'm sure they think that "please write more!" is a compliment. And it is...but it's a left-handed one, for a story that's labeled like this one is labeled. And honestly, other than River and Jayne making with the smoochies (which, as I've said, will happen when Hell freezes over), I don't know what else could be added to this fic to make it any more of a "full out story" than it already is.

Oh, and it's "Alan Rickman." If you're such a huge fan, learn to spell his name right--because spelling it "Alen Rickmen" is insulting. (Yes, I read her profile. Which induced a whole lot more headdesking, but that's a rant for another day.)

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*sigh* My habit of writing open-ended endings always bites me in the ass. But I don't know what the hell else to add to the end of the damb thing. It feels like a finished story to me (other than the alternate scenarios, which I'm admittedly having fun playing with). Argh. [Soup Nazi Voice] No Rayne smoochies for you!
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wolf eyes

Watch me go from reviewer hate to reviewer love...

...in the space of five hours. I just got a couple of very nice reviews from the same person (not the same person in the last post) for the Kitten!Cuddler!Jayne fic and the DamnFic. Someone who actually understood why I did it the way I did it in the DamnFic, and let me know that I kept Jayne in character while he went squooshy over a kitten.

Thank you, Tilly, for restoring my faith in my readers--and my faith in myself. Sometimes I wonder if I'm writing Jayne too "soft" or too honorable or whatever, and the fact that perfect strangers think I'm keeping him in character lets me know I'm doing something right.
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