February 28th, 2006

wolf eyes


I have words for my CYA ficathon story. Not many, but it's a start. Finally. I have a slight nibble of an idea for this week's ff_friday "Colors" challenge. The Jayne/Zoe H/C thing is on page two and sitting at 650 words or so.

*flails* Adam Baldwin is going to be on "Bones" in a couple of weeks!!! *flails some more*

We're going to see "8 Below" this afternoon. DOGGIES! And "Lady and the Tramp" comes out on DVD today. MORE DOGGIES!

I got my old Dell laptop working properly, and now I can sell it and have more WriterCon money. What a relief. Dang thing was driving me nuts. Thank God for the recovery disk. Very handy thing, that. Should probably make one for this laptop, although supposedly I don't need one.

I was faintly depressed yesterday. I feel better today, which is a good.
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