March 11th, 2006

wolf eyes

See this?

THIS, my friends, is a major reason that Da Boy will not be educated in a Utah public school. This sign stared us in the face whenever we ventured out our door and headed south.

What's wrong with this picture?
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Okay, you spent money on the sign and probably didn't want to spend more--although, since it was the painter's error, it should have been fixed for free. But seriously, people. Way to make me bang my head on my steering wheel for nearly a year. If anyone wants to post this to mock_the_stupid, feel free to hotlink. I would, but I'm lazy and not a member.

In other news...

Meh, there is no other news. I've scribbled 55 words today, about 300 yesterday, and I've moved the plot on my CYA fic forward about a half-inch. I've made a couple more sick and wrong Jayne/Zoe icons, which I'll post in another entry, along with a bunch of closed icontest icons. I got first place at illyria_still a couple of weeks ago! Whee! First time ever. Shiny.