March 13th, 2006

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The Town Drunk is accepting submissions. I have a fanfic I can rework to fit within their guidelines ("Black Market Beagles," for anyone who remembers that). I've been planning on reworking this story into an original work for some time, and now I actually have a reason to do so.

And the Hubby is busting my chops for thinking about doing this. He says it's "cheating." His reasoning is that I've used other people's work to create my fic--and therefore it's not okay to disguise this work as my OWN original by changing details to make the characters appear to be mine for money. Even if I'm changing major details like speech patterns and the gender of the characters, he seems to think that it's somehow not kosher, because the whole basis for the story was stolen from other sources.

Of course, my defense is that I'm going to change the characters around enough that (hopefully) no one will recognize them as coming out of Firefly (Hubby comment: Kind of like painting a car a different color and sticking a spoiler on the back so no one will recognize it as the one you stole!), and that the actual story itself is mine. I've heard of fanfic authors doing this very thing with some success.

What say ye, flist? Am I on the horns of an ethical dilemma, or is the Hubby blowing smoke?
wolf eyes

Okay, is it just me...

...or is the dialogue on "24" just really, really BAD? I love the action sequences and the overall plot, but, dude. How many times per episode are they going to say "I know how you feel, but..." ?
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