March 16th, 2006

wolf eyes

I have done NO writing since I...

...edited the BeagleFic for pro-publication. I sent it off to my (published) Mom for perusal, and she hasn't gotten back to me with it yet, which of course makes me wonder if it sucks big green mossy rocks. *is insecure*

So, what have I been doing with my time today? Well, this game is addictive. Yay for a cute dragon and setting off fireworks. Did I icon him? Yes, yes I did. Me =
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That being said, I have other icons to post too. Which I will procede to do. A bunch of Illyria, a couple of AtS general ones, a House, a kitty, several Firefly. (Yes, I know about the Special Hell for the Zayne ones. Shut up.) Without further ado:

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More this way...
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