March 23rd, 2006

wolf eyes

I have done the math...

And if I save $40 per check up until WriterCon I will have saved my goal of $1000. This is eminently doable. YAY! Since this is twice as much as I saved for the last WriterCon, I will not be nail-biting over finances and I may actually buy a plane ticket rather than sweating flying standby to Atlanta, which is iffy at the best of times. I might even stay an extra day and hit the zoo, depending on the Hubby schedule.

Things on the to-do list for today:
  • Get the Hubby car inspected
  • Get the Hubby car registered
  • Pay the bills
  • Go to Wal-Mart and buy Boy prezzies Went to Smith's Marketplace and Hammond Toys instead
  • Go to Hot Topic and see if they have any other Serenity shirts Spent all my money at the comic book store
  • Possibly hit the comic store and see if they have "Spike vs Dracula" (perhaps a phone call before driving all the way out there in a car I'm not comfortable driving) Phone call made; they have it.
  • At least stare at the CYA fic, since it's due relatively soon
  • Write something. Anything.
  • Make a deposit at the bank, while I'm out and about, so I don't have to drive tomorrow, in case I actually win the auction I'm bidding on tonight
  • Find out if there's a WAMU branch in Mobile, AL Yes, there is.

I think that's all. *glances down at self* Um. Suppose I ought to actually, you know, get dressed. And stuff. A shower might be apropriate...