March 28th, 2006

wolf eyes

Tonight's TV...

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ETA: Oh! And! I'm getting a new printer! For those uneasy about clicking links, it's an Epson Stylus CX7800 all-in-one, and I'm going to hug it and squeeze it and call it "George." We're going to go buy it tomorrow. Maybe now I can do the writercon icon pins justice. *crosses fingers* There's a way to do layouts and print stuff in PSP, so I'm hopeful. Of course, I can't do it right this minute, because it requires a printer to be installed on the computer. So that'll be my project for tomorrow, between aerobics, walking, laundry, vacuuming, and three and a half hours of TV, and somewhere in there we'll go to Circuit City and get the printer. I should call the comic book store and see if they've got my comic there yet too.