April 7th, 2006

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Various adventures...

I've about given up on the old laptop. I got the screen resolution thing fixed, but it's still not making any sound, and I'm apparently too dumb to figure out how to install it. So I'll probably have to give my friend his money back. Crap. Maybe I shouldn't have done that clean install of Win98...or I should have waited until I found out what he was doing that didn't work. *sigh* Because, it had sound before.

Anyone wanna buy a laptop? Cheap? It's not much, but it'll do basic word processing, no problem. I bought it for the first WriterCon, and there's not a thing wrong with it other than the fact that I can't get sound on it. Hell, I'll even throw in my old WP7 with it. It's a Dell Latitude CpiA with a teeny little 6.4gig HD and a P2 366mhz processor. 12.1 inch screen, very portable. Battery's still good.

ETA: Thanks to the lovely and effulgent flusterdance and my friend Marc, who both kicked me in the pants and sent me back to Dell's website, I have sound! Squeee! It doesn't like CDRWs, for some reason, but it reads CDRs and music CDs just fine. So, it should be saleable to the person who wanted it originally, I think. Today, Dell gave me a different download than it was giving me yesterday for audio, and it worked. *wipes brow* What a load off...

In other, less frustrating news, I've done up a bunch of LJ icon pins, and they're shiny. The glue works better the quicker you get the pinback on the pin, so I'll probably have to redo several of them, but they look nice and I'm very pleased with them. So. That's a good.

Writing? What is this writing of which you speak? I have a ficathon entry (the CYA ficathon) due tomorrow. I have eight pages. I like the eight pages I have. Whether the thing is actually going to go anywhere or not is an open question. I have 36 hours or so to figure it out. Wonderful. See me, making my "thrilled" face.

I think I've found a homeschool curriculum that looks pretty good. Now I just have to find out what "the subjects the State Board of Education requires to be taught in public schools in accordance with the law," and if that curriculum fits those standards. I swear, it's like pulling teeth...
wolf eyes


Gakked from ludditerobot:

Think of your favorite underrated film, type the name into Google and do an image search. Find the best pic and then post it in your journal, but don't say what the name of the movie is! Once you post the picture, it's up to your friends to figure out what the movie is from the pic you posted.

And...I'm going to be stubborn and post two, because my very favorite underrated film doesn't have screencaps, so I'm going to use a poster with the title blurred out instead. Under the cut so's not to stretch out flists...

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