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April 15th, 2006

03:35 pm
Back from Iowa...

It's a long drive, and the beds were bloody uncomfortable, but a good time was had by all. I took lots of pix with my shiny new camera and am overall pleased with its performance. Obviously it's going to take me awhile to figure out all its little quirks and tricks to get it to take marvelous pictures all the time, but I love not having to worry about changing the film or even getting it developed anymore. *eyes bag full of film I still need to get done from the San Diego trip* And I've printed out one of the pix on my shiny new printer ("George"). After a hiccup caused by ME not knowing what I was doing, it printed a beautiful photo of Da Boy posing next to a bronze baby elephant. Honestly, I can't tell the difference between that and one done at a photo counter.

The Henry Doorly Zoo has a baby pygmy hippo. A mini mini hippo! And it's adorable. *flails* We got to see it swim from underwater and everything. And they got a Lesser Anteater since the last time we were there, which I didn't really get any good shots of, because, nocturnal exhibit. But I did get some good ones of the aardvarks in the same exhibit; go figure. *loves on the aardvarks*

Got the taxes done today. Whee. We're getting a refund; whee again. Nothing like giving the government an interest-free loan. Makes me feel very special indeed...

In other news, I got a review for Guiding Star at FFN that made me headdesk. Again. I love my readers, really I do. But when they say things like very good! whana reade more about it.. =) so please hurry up! it makes me wonder about their reading comprehension.

I'll forgive her crappy English, since it's not her first language. But she apparently missed the big fat "Complete" that FFN has handily included in their author tools, and the other big fat "The End" at the bottom of the story itself. Did she think I was just teasing? What exactly does she want me to "hurry up" and do? I spent six weeks writing the damb thing; nine times out of ten my writing has nothing "hurried" about it unless someone sets Antubis's tail on fire, which (sadly) hasn't happened in quite some time. *shakes head* I'm glad she liked it. I'm glad she liked it enough to push the "review" button. But I'm not her personal fic-writing servant, and I have other things to write now. *eyes ficathon assignments warily*

04:05 pm
*spammity spam spam spam*

I just read my last entry aloud to the Hubby. It was all fine and good until we got to the part about Antubis. The following conversation ensued:

HUBBY: Antubis?
ME: You know. The Muse. The carnivorous anteater from "Kingdom Hospital"?
HUBBY: *suspicious* Is that, like, a familiar spirit?
ME: It's an anthropomorphic personification.
HUBBY: Not really "anthropomorphic," though.
ME: No, he's ANT-thropomorphic. *snerks*

I loves me some language geekery, I does.