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April 16th, 2006

08:34 pm
I lose...

I should be writing. I have two (count 'em!) ficathon entries due in a month or so. What am I doing instead? Making icons to turn into pins for writercon. Why am I doing this? Because I realized that the icons I make for myself or icontests are woefully inadequate when it comes to 'shipping or certain characters. So, I'm making Bangel (*gags*), Spuffy (*gags more*), Gunn/Big Black Cat, Gunn/Fred, Wes/Lilah, single characters that I've neglected...all sorts of things.

I'm not making any slash icons. If people want a slash couple made into a pin, they can supply the icon themselves.

And if anyone on my flist is going to writercon and wants one (or more) of the silly things, then by all means, sing out and don't be shy. You have one of the favorite fic you've ever written? Self-promotion is teh kewl; I'll be wearing one featuring "Partners in Crime" myownself. OTP? Bring it on; please just have it be work-safe, as my five-year-old is fascinated by the process and doesn't need to see boobies or other nekkid parts. :) But the Con is sneaking up on us pretty quickly...