May 9th, 2006

wolf eyes

My day so far...

The cold continues apace. Feel better tonight than I did this morning, which is a good. Maybe one more good sleep, and I'll have this thing licked. *crosses fingers*

"House" made me cry tonight. Dude. Just...dude. I was all...with the thing... and the stuff... I'm just glad I wasn't ovulating because Da Boy would have had questions about why I was sobbing uncontrollably rather than quietly sniffling, which I'm doing anyway because of the damb cold.

Our lead stories on the 10:00 news these days have been about a meadow vole infestation in a little town just a few miles to my south. Yes. I live in a boring place. Which is a good thing, when you stop to think about it.

This is a meadow vole:

I found him via Google image search. He's apparently in their cache, because the site itself is unavailable. I ganked him, cleaned him up in PSP, and uploaded him to PhotoBucket. Isn't he adorable, for a disease-infested rodent-y thing? I mean, he's, like, this perfect sphere of vole-ness. I knew about them from when we lived in our old house; our cat used to leave them on the porch, the driveway, the lawn...Plus the zoo has them running wild as well, and once put arctic foxes in the gorilla enclosure during the winter when the gorillas were inside to do a little natural predation. I don't know if it worked, but it kept the foxes entertained.

I've written about a page today in my apocalyptothon fic. I've debated how I'm going to summarize my two_of_us_fic story, because ... well, it's tricky. *evil laughter* And I'm thinking about dropping out of the psych_30 thing because, frankly, I got nothin' and I'm thinking my energies would be better spent on the 7virtues7sins thing instead. Seeing as I haven't even signed up for writing in my own comm. *is a loser* I haven't even been thinking about my random_urges assignment yet.

I have nothing clever or fun to close this entry with...