May 20th, 2006

wolf eyes

Writing frustrations...

I'm sitting here staring at the same paragraph I've been staring at for three days.

The fic is due June 1st.

This is what comes of being a linear writer who doesn't outline. I get stuck and I can't go forward because without knowing what's next, I don't know what's after "next."

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My state of mind is not aided by the fact that I've been basically fasting since yesterday because I'm sick of being fat. I'm drinking this juice...stuff to help, but I'm kind of limp and headache-y. On the plus side, I lost four pounds yesterday, and I only have to do this for one more day. Go, me? And no one bust my chops over it either. I exercise, I eat sensibly, and the weight doesn't come off. This is what happens when you turn forty. Your metabolism turns to mush.

*cracks knuckles and kicks Antubis in his fuzzy pants* Let's go, fangface...
wolf eyes

All righty, then.

I just spent two hours up in another room in the house with my laptop, hoping that the change of scenery would jump-start Antubis so he'd give me something. And glory hallelujiah, it did. I now have explanations for some things, the actual nature of my apocalypse (which, 4300 words into the fic, I didn't have yet), and a way to get Jayne and Illyria together. I only wrote a little over 200 words, but coming up with plot points and explanations is half the battle, right?

Maybe I'll even finish it by the deadline...