May 23rd, 2006

wolf eyes

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Dear BtVS author:

I believe the word you're looking for is "warriors." Unless, that is, Buffy and Angel spend the whole fic walking around being worried. In which case, carry on.

Conditional love,

Okay, I'm still disappointed that Katherine didn't do the entire "Over the Rainbow" a capella.

Speaking of worrying...

You know, I really shouldn't have been worried about American Idol tonight. I've never heard "My Destiny" before, but I know a bad note when I hear one, and McPhee murdered that song. It was awful, totally out of her range. Unless Taylor messes up completely, I think he's got this in the bag.

Of course, I was wrong last year too. So if Taylor actually wins this? I'll have a heart attack.

In other news, I'm sitting at about 6400 words on the apocalyptothon fic. Dude. Just...dude.

ETA: Oh. Em. Gee. Taylor's last song? Rocked. My. Socks. That. Was awesome.