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May 24th, 2006

12:32 pm

I can't find the refund check from our state income tax. I hope the Hubby did something with it, because otherwise?


I wanted to do some math and see just how much we actually had for the furniture...

06:17 pm
The furniture saga...

According to the Hubby, we already deposited the state income tax refund check, so that's a good. I don't remember it, but he does. So, we went to the furniture store today, and our new sofa and love seat will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Yay!

Da Boy has decided that a plush monkey that's been ignored since Christmas is now teh kewllies, so he wanted to bring it with us when we went to the store. He also insisted on it being belted in to the back seat next to him. *grins*

New Spike vs Dracula comics! *flails* WHEEEEE!

Then we'll start looking for tables, lamps, and decorative thingys. I think we've decided to do a Moab (Utah) theme for the room. We've been to Tom Till's gallery in Moab, and the online pix don't do his photos justice. Of course, whether or not I'll be able to talk the Hubby into shelling out bucks like that for wall art is an open question. Perhaps when the parental units are here, we'll head down there and do some shopping.

In other news, I'm sitting at 6800 words for the apocalyptothon fic, and it continues apace. They still haven't hit planetside yet. This is, like, epic length for me. and I'd really like to wrap this thing up in about 3200 more words. Seeing as it's due in a week and a day, guess I'd really better get crackin' on it.