May 26th, 2006

wolf eyes

The saga continues...

Remember my little flamer? Not only did she put the story on her favorites list, and me on her favorite author list...

She also put the (complete and labelled as such) story on her alert list, and me on her Author Alert list. So now she'll get an email if I ever add another chapter to that fic--which I'm now very tempted to do, adding a "romance scene" between Spike and Fred that would make steam come out of her ears. Within the rating guidelines of FFN, of course. *adjusts halo*

And she'll also get an email when I add a new story. Seeing as how the next three things that will be uploaded to FFN are going to be either Firefly or Firefly crossovers with Angel, her reaction (if any) will be interesting, to say the least--especially to the pairings. *evil laughter*

People are weird, and I don't get it.
wolf eyes

*shakes characters*


In other news, I'm sitting on my shiny new leather sofa, and it's comfy like whoa and smells So. Good. Remember the check I thought we'd gotten for our state income tax refund? I was apparently mistaken about us having received it at all, and the Hubby was mistaken about us cashing it, because it came in the mail yesterday. How...odd.

In light of my flamer apparently having a problem with Spike/Fred, I'm seriously thinking about writing about six Spike/Fred drabbles and posting them all at once to the appropriate drabble collection. As she has put me on Author Alert, that will mean six emails in her inbox letting her know that I've posted something new. *evil laughter*

So, flist. Give me prompts. I'll take the first six. Because I'm mean that way.