May 28th, 2006

wolf eyes


Scribbled nearly 800 words yesterday, which is 200 short of what I wanted, but the plot moved forward microscopically. Yay? It's sitting at 8500 words, and I'm terribly afraid that this thing is starting to suck...

The weather has turned to freaking winter again. It's 44 degrees outside. We just had hail, and lightning. *shakes fist at Mother Nature* Of course, it's supposed to be back up to 90 by Friday. Stupid weather.

Got tagged by dragonflymuse: Explain why you picked your LJ username. That's easy; I wanted some permutation of "babies stole my dingo," but it had too many letters. My eBay handle is "agilebrit," so I imported that over to LJ because I don't want to remember too many online names. *is lazy* It comes from a combination of Dog Agility, my participatory sport of choice at the time (and one I'd like to get involved with again), and my favorite breed, the Brittany.

Not tagging anyone else. *sticks tongue out*
wolf eyes

Shoot me. Shoot me now.

I have realized that I often use River as a crutch to get other characters to confront their feelings. Also I use the phrase "more than strictly necessary" more than is strictly necessary.

I'm sitting at nearly 8900 words and getting more of them to come so I can just finish the damb thing is like pulling teeth. Here's an ending: Rocks fall; everyone dies. It's an apocalypse, after all. Grawr.

In other news, I don't know if it's possible to be a NASCAR geek, but the UPS Dale Jarrett commercials fill me with unseemly glee. Apropos of nothing, so do the Jon Lovitz Subway ads. It's not what he says so much as how he says it; it's all in the delivery.

Also, the Hubby made his famous fruit cookies today. They have apples, orange peel, carrots, and raisins in them and they're OMGSOGOOD.

Still incognito, although I have been keeping up with the flist. *grumbles and goes back to staring at the fic*