May 30th, 2006

wolf eyes


I broke 10,000 words on the apocalyptothon fic today. It's actually galloping toward a conclusion. Whether it's going to be a good conclusion or not, I'll let you fine folks decide. I think I'm actually going to finish it tomorrow. Since it needs to be beta'd by Thursday, that'll give the lovely and effulgent bigsciencybrain time to let me know if it sucks or not.

And naturally, since it's one of mine, it's All. About. Jayne. Specifically, all about Jayne and Illyria. Sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Um, yeah. I can hear all your heads exploding. Spike/Fred, completely expected in a fic of mine. Ditto Spike/Illyria. Problem is, Fred kind of shot Spike down in this one. Darn her needing time to mourn what she's lost.

Well. I'm going to sleep on my ending and come at it with fresh eyes.

::hugs flist and toddles off::
wolf eyes

Um, yeah.

*waves to the fanficrants troll who just friended me*

This is the post...which doesn't seem all that bad at first glance, right? However, by the magic of cache-fu, I have the original, unedited post:

HOKAY ANGST FICS SUCK YEAH if someone doenst like to participate always there not agnst ok ?

and on aim there shall be a fanficrants chat .

would you like it ? prolly not o well. too bad for you.

They edited it to this:

Okay. Where do some people get the experiences in their fandom ? Like BDSM? Do you get it from real life or just sources?

and on aim there shall be a fanficrants chat .

would you like it ? prolly not o well. too bad for you.
im not trolley

And then it said this:

wheres the link-fic ?

And now it appears to have been baa-leeted!

Here's the deal, lightlighthighh, or neur0vanity, or whoever you are. Behave yourself, and you're welcome to hang around. Misbehave...well, I've got a ban button, and I'm not afraid to use it. For the record, f-bombs are not welcome on this LJ.

And I'm probably just feeding the troll here, but we'll see what happens.