May 31st, 2006

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apocalytptothon update...

12,445 words. The end is in sight. *weeps* Oh, thank GOD. I'll finish it tomorrow, yes, I will. There's just some wrappy-uppy stuff to do.

If I could milk 5000 more words out of it, it'd be knocking on novella territory, but I'm not going to do that just for the sake of word count.

And I'm terribly sorry if I've bored you all with this adventure in writing. A story that involves this much word count is an anomaly for me, and I've been somewhat gobsmacked (golly, I love that word) at how this fic has gone. *tips hat to flist for their patience*

To those on my Yahoo IM list, I'll probably be coming out of hiding tomorrow. Did you miss me?

*crickets chirp*

Well, I missed you!
wolf eyes

Excellent customer service!

So, we're in the process of actually furnishing and decorating the front room, now that we have the sofa and love seat in there (OMG SO COMFY). The Hubby had the neat idea that we can get these wall murals for the room and then frame them with molding, simple, elegant, and cheaper than getting real wall art all framed.

We decided we wanted to go with a sort of Moab red-rock motif in the room, and the best ones we found for that are at Murals Your Way. We picked this one for behind the couch, and this one for the other wall in the room.

Now, usually these things are so big that they come on multiple panels, and they overlap a bit and there's a seam. We were fine with that and understood that when we ordered.

I just got a call from them. The size we ordered? The panels are four feet wide anyway...and therefore they can get the whole design on one panel instead of multiples. This might make it harder to put up, but it'll look fantastic when it's done.

The fact that they called and asked? Wow. I'm really surprised that they did that. And very pleased, so far.

In fic-writing news, all I have to do is conclude the thing somehow. I hate writing endings. Oh, and a title. I need one of those. Yeah.

I read this fic this morning, and it filled me with glee. A Firefly/Discworld crossover shouldn't work...but somehow it does. What are you waiting for? Go, read, and shower her with praise.