June 1st, 2006

wolf eyes

FIC: Another Day, Another Apocalypse, Part One. Firefly/Angel xover, for deviousli

I posted it this morning at apocalyptothon, but haven't had time to post it here yet. Go, me, finishing on time like an on-time finish-y thing! It came to just over 13,000 words and is thus too large for one LJ post. Many thanks to bigsciencybrain for the quick 'n dirty beta; she made several suggestions that I gleefully incorporated.

Title: Another Day, Another Apocalypse
Author: babies stole my dingo (agilebrit)
Fandom: Firefly/Angel crossover
Rating: PG-13 (default)
Recipient: deviousli, who requested a Firefly/Buffy/Angel crossover: "The Scoobies hop forward in time to warn the Serenity crew about the impending apocalypse. Insanity ensues. Yay."
Length: Short story (a little over 13,000 words). It got away from me a bit, and I'll probably break it up into chapters later on, but I wanted to post it by the deadline.
Disclaimer: Joss is the genius behind these characters; I am but a lowly follower. I make no money from any of this, so please don't sue me.
Feedback: Concrit adored! If you see something that can be improved upon, please let me know.
Written for: Fred Appreciation Day and the apocalyptothon.
Notes: Well, I cheated a bit and used something I'd already begun, and it's the Fang Gang instead of the Scoobies. I hope it suits. :)
Collapse )Part Two is here.