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June 5th, 2006

11:09 am
Oh, look...

Another new friend. Isn't that...special. In the same sense that Shepherd Book used it in "Our Mrs. Reynolds."

Man, that's wank just waiting to happen. *repeats mantra* Feeding the trolls is bad, feeding the trolls is bad...

Okay, feeding the troll isn't so bad if I can use my new bunny icon.

For the record, I love BtVS and AtS. They were my first real fandoms, and they'll always hold a unique place in my heart. There were storylines I could have lived without, but that's always going to happen in a pair of shows that span, together, twelve seasons. Overall, they made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me think...

And they made me start writing again. And for this, I'll always be grateful to Joss & Co.

09:55 pm

Um, sort of. Two of them are actual drabbles. Remember my call for prompts because of my little flamer? Well, I've cheated a bit and combined a couple of the prompts, but...eh. I have a ficathon entry to work on, and another one to figure out a title and summary for.

Anywho. Fic. Yeah.

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