June 6th, 2006

wolf eyes


I finished my two_of_us_fic assignment somewhere around the middle of last month. I yanked it out to look at it again today. The good thing is, I still like it. The bad thing is, I still have no title and no summary. I found the full lyric to the snippet of song I was assigned...and they make no sense. This one must have been written when the Beatles were doing drugs or something. *mumbles* So, no title from there. And I'm still struggling with coming up with a summary that doesn't give the whole thing away.

In other news, the Angel Spotlight comic coming out tomorrow focuses on Wes. Must. Have.
wolf eyes


I now have title-age and a summary for my two_of_us_fic story. Go, me. It will be posted a week from tomorrow.

My published word count for the month is going to be knocking on 15K, assuming I don't even write anything more until I finish the thing for random_urges. I've got a Jayne/Zoe thing to work on. I'd like to explore more Jayne/Illyria; wouldn't object to a sequel to AAAA.

*toddles off* Heeeeerrrre, Antubis! I have choklit-covered ants and damned souls for you...