June 13th, 2006

wolf eyes

Random update-y post...

First of all, many thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday the other day. You guys rock So. Very. Much.

1. I sniped the last comic in "Angel: The Curse" I'm missing last night. Yay. Of course, then I found out that I'm missing the very first Spike comic, "Spike: Old Times." It's got Cecily/Halfrek in it. Must. Have. Argh. Found several copies on eBay last night, and will probably snipe one on Thursday. Go, me.

2. We bought a recumbent stationary bike last night. I've been after a stationary bike for awhile now. After today, which will be our last hurrah, eating-wise, for awhile, I'm going to really start hammering at the exercise. I figure an hour a day on the bike will also let me catch up with, you know, actual books I've been wanting to read. And I'd like to be able to go to writercon without having to buy new pants. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3. Speaking of last hurrahs...we're going to Red Robin and Boondocks today. Cajun shrimp and go-carts and rock walls, baby! Along with fried zucchini, bumper boats and mini golf. Will be fun.

4. Those of you who haven't seen "Cars" yet? Go. It is fantastic. The world-building they did for this movie is absolutely terrific. Be sure and stay all the way through the credits.

5. Is it bad that most of the summer movies I'm looking forward to are cartoons? "Monster House," "The Ant Bully," something with a bear and a deer and bunny-tossing whose name escapes me. Also, the title of the new Garfield movie fills me with unseemly glee. *is twelve* However, "The Lake House," "Ghost Rider," and "PotC: Dead Man's Chest" look good too. *sigh* "Click" looks like it might be good--if Adam Sandler wasn't in it. Ditto that NASCAR movie with Will Ferrell. I hate seeing trailers for stuff and saying "Wow, that might be fun if such-and-such an actor didn't suck so much."

6. We always hurt the characters we love. Poor Spike. In other fic-writing news, I'll be posting my two_of_us_fic tomorrow. *evil laughter*