June 19th, 2006

wolf eyes

Well now.

The Hubby's schedule changes on a monthly basis, and we got the one for July today.

Not only does he have the entire block of WriterCon days off, but he gets home around 3pm on the Wednesday before--which means I could go a day early, if the flights aren't full--or if I decide to break down and buy a ticket. This would give me a chance to go to the zoo. PANDAS! Of course, this would mean another $100 for the hotel room for the extra day, plus another $50 for the food budget, and possibly needing extra money for a taxi or something since I'm not renting a car, although apparently MARTA serves the hotel and the zoo. This is, of course, assuming I can get the hotel room for an extra day.

The price for a seat on a plane has dropped to $300 at Travelocity. This is starting to look VERY tempting. If it drops another fifty bucks, I'm buying one. Heck with it. I bought it. I'm starting to wonder what I can sell in order to scrape together more cash. I have duplicate books. I have a carving I may be willing to give up, if I can get a hundred bucks for it. He's spoken for.

And I've forgotten my login for Travelocity.


In other news, I got a creepy-as-hell plotbunny that went into the Smuggling Space this morning. Considering the fact that my last thing made people cry, I'm not sure I want to write this one...