June 28th, 2006

wolf eyes

Well, frack.

Neither of the candidates I voted for won yesterday. One of them lost by 24 votes...and beat the incumbent. @#$%& teachers' union; I just know they got their people out to vote. And there was nothing on the homeschool list I'm on about the race--and I'm just as remiss as everyone else, because I didn't post about it either.

Your vote counts, people. Never forget this. Especially in local races, and especially in primaries.

I didn't expect Chris Cannon to lose, but I didn't expect him to win by as much as he did, so I guess the wake-up call I was hoping he'd get--well, it wasn't much of one.


I actually wrote nearly 400 words yesterday on the random_urges fic. Thing is due July 19. *drums fingers at characters* There's lots of snark in this, which is a good. Jokes about eating the sheep abound. In fact, I'm probably spending far too much time talking about the sheep.

However, the two characters who are supposed to get together still haven't as much as spoken. Thing is sitting around 2700 words. Yay?

unanon? You are evil, and that is all.