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July 1st, 2006

03:11 pm

I guess I'm going to the writercon cocktail party. Seeing as I just blew fifteen bucks on a dress at the swap meet for just that purpose. Now I need a sash and shoes. *eyes hair, which I have no idea what to do with* At least I have jewelry that'll go with the dress...

Of course, the reason we went to the swap meet in the first place was so I could get a new, less cavernous, fanny pack than the one I'm packing around now. And naturally, no one had any of those. *mumbles*

That being said, I scored a Dale Jarrett windshield sunscreen for the Purple Cruiserberry, a book by Greg Bear, a couple of 3-D dino puzzles for Da Boy, and some cheap choklit for the Muse. Plus the aforementioned dress. And it got me outside, in the sun, away from the puter for a few hours. So it wasn't a total loss.

11:56 pm
I put it to you, flist...

Let me preface this by saying, I don't wear much jewelry. I used to match earrings up with a pin and whatever animal I was wearing on a t-shirt that day, awhile ago. Nowadays, I don't generally bother.

That being said.

writercon is fast approaching. I bought a dress and a sash today for the cocktail party. I have earrings. The dress is a purple batik sort of thing with a tiger on the bottom of it, made in Thailand, and the sash is a wide crocheted thing in gold, silver, and white. I have a pewter tiger pin that I can wear if I wish, although the earrings are gold-tone and don't match it at all.

I still have no shoes, other than the bloody uncomfortable ones I really don't want to wear.

Then there's this thing. Which would go beautifully with the dress in a goldtone with the iridescent purple beads. But again. I don't wear jewelry much, and have no idea where else I would wear such an outlandish object. Firefly meetups? Eh, maybe, although I generally wear my various Serenity t-shirts to those. My brother's wedding is coming up in a couple of months...

So, the question becomes: Does the slave bracelet count as "swag"? Or should I just swallow hard and use other money for it? Or is it a silly thing to buy altogether?

[Number Five voice] Need input...