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July 2nd, 2006

11:48 am

There's an early draft of the "Serenity" script.

Someone has told us what's in it. Spoilers, naturally. Although you must have been hiding under a rock if you don't know the major spoilers for the movie by now.

This early draft? Is available on eBay.

*flails some more*

This is assuming it's real and not some sophisticated attempt at fanfic by someone clever. I'm not sure we've heard official word from Joss about it or not yet.

In other news, my fandom fills me with glee.

Yes, those are goslings, for juggling. And those other things are Jayne hats for the goslings. Not only that, but the lady who did the hats has generously shared the pattern for both the gosling hats and the full-size Jayne hat so that people who knit can make their own.


06:42 pm
Hey, look...

Photographic evidence that I am, indeed, a dork under the cutCollapse )