July 6th, 2006

wolf eyes


So, I'm participating in the writercon Writer's Salon, which is basically a concrit workshop. Which means I need to submit a fic for it. Something under 2500 words.

Therein lies my dilemma. Most of my stuff (especially my recent stuff) is either over that...or way under it. I don't really feel like getting crit for a flashfic. Some of the stuff that would be suitable (such as "Hair Fetish") is part of a series and doesn't really make sense as a standalone.

So. Here are the ones that work:
A Whisper to the Living - Wash/Zoe angst, post-BDM.
Nature's Special Effects - Africander, wherein he meets a living, breathing dinosaur. This one has no dialogue whatsoever, which is unusual for me.
RiverDance - post-BDM, Jayne's worried about Mal firing him, so he takes matters into his own hands.
Virtuoso - pre-Firefly. Zoe starts thawing towards Wash.
Noble Souls, Rising from Disaster - Spike, Angel, Illyria, and Connor have a post-NFA sort-of-celebration.
Confusing Conclusions - Wes and Spike have a drunken conversation about Illyria and Spike offers to take her for the night. Then Spike and Illyria have a talk. Good Lord, that sounds boring... I suck at summaries.
Perplexing Sentiments - Spike and Illyria. He's ambushed and badly injured; she helps him the only way she can. Features my cast-iron kink. Yay?

Anyone got any strong opinions? I have to turn the thing in by Thursday night.

In other news, we now have two end tables and a coffee table in the front living room. I pulled out the red-rock stuff we bought in Moab, and it looks shiny. Still need a window treatment, a lamp or two, and to put the wall things up. I should take pix. Need a pic of my new echidna too. Maybe tomorrow.

I also want a couple of little clay figurines to put on the mini-tables. I know what they look like, but not what that style of clay-work is called. I thought it was "Pima Clay," but googling reveals nothing. And I thought it was Indian art, but now I'm not so sure. Anyway, it's this intricate stuff where the different colors are actually individual colors of clay, not painted, and they're just beautiful. I've seen cats, coyotes, lizards, snakes, owls, rams, and bison done in this manner. I just wish I could find them online so I could show you guys.

My comics still have not arrived. I've emailed the seller twice now, with no reply. I will give him until Monday, and then take it up with eBay. He's already left me positive feedback. *sigh* It's always something.

Writing? Well. I've catalogued Jayne's injuries in the Jayne/Zoe H/C ... thing I've been writing in fits and starts. *eyeshift* What's that they say about us hurting the characters we love? Um, yeah. *is guilty of that in spades* I have no idea where that one is going, or the random_urges fic either.

So, again, I say, blargh.
wolf eyes

More writercon stuff...

Well, since speakr2customrs seems to have been the only one with a strong opinion as to which fic I should submit to the Writer's Salon, I took his advice and sent off "Confusing Conclusions." Which I hate the title of, BTW.

NOW ... I have to figure out which fic I'm taking for the WriterCon Library. Everyone loves the BeagleFic, but at the same time, I think everyone's READ it. "Blooming Cactus" (the first Jayne/Zoe thing) is already up at Chrislee's site. So those two are out.

Could do the DamnFic. Or the Was-Supposed-To-Be-a-Threesome-But-Wasn't. Or the entire ColdComfortVerse. Or either of the crossovers. The Wes/Lilah? Maybe "Cerberus" with all its alternates... "Solid State" or "Soulless Evil Things" would be good...

Decisions, decisions. Argh. Is there such a thing as being too prolific?

In other news, I just found out that "A Scanner Darkly" won't open in SLC until NEXT week. Which is fine. The lovely and effulgent bigsciencybrain and I have made tentative plans to see it in Atlanta, since neither of us is going to the smut panels Friday night.

Well, the Hubby's home at last, and I am tired, so I will bid you all a fond goodnight.

I'll probably edit this post tomorrow with linkage, but all the above fic can be found on my FFN profile.