July 9th, 2006

wolf eyes

Go, me...

themustardverse ... is complete. For now, anyway, until I write more fic in that 'verse. All four stories, with commentaries for "Pottage" and the last two chapters of "Mustard Seed," and a shiny list o' links as the first entry, plus linkage from chapter to chapter. *whew* That was a job.

In other news, I'm rationalizing spending money I don't have again, but if I can pick up "Fray" for $3-something less than they want for it at Buy.com and can save $3 by pre-paying for the writercon cocktail party instead of buying my ticket at the door like I had planned...

Yes, I'm bad. Feel free to smack me with a haddock or something.

Writing? What is this writing of which you speak? *kicks Antubis in his fuzzy butt*