July 10th, 2006

wolf eyes


Dear eBay seller:

Okay, it's been 26 days. The thing was supposed to have been shipped via Priority Mail. I've sent you two emails, neither of which you've seen fit to reply to. If I don't hear from you by 5pm my time today, then I'm filing with eBay.

I realize you probably wanted more for those comics than you got. If that's the case, then you should have either (a) started them with a higher opening bid, or (b) used a reserve. The fact that I was the only bidder is not my problem. My problem is that I sent you six dollars and eighty cents, and I want my friggin' comics. Specifically, the #2 issue, which is the one I'm missing and probably could have gotten sooner than this if you'd just told me you were going to be an idiot before I sent you the money.

Yes, I realize it's less than $7. And no, I'm not going to pretend it's the "principle of the thing," because, dude, it's totally the money--and I couldn't give a crap less that it seems petty. That's MY damb seven dollars, and I've gotten bupkiss for it. Either give me a refund, or send me my Joss-y illustrated goodies.

No love,


In other news, I sniped a copy of "Fray" yesterday and got it for less than half the retail price, which was shiny. I was going to bid on an anteater this morning, but when I woke up it was sitting at twice what I was willing to pay for it, so, um, NO.

Oh, look. Someone who won some comics from this seller the same day I did has left them a pair of negs for non-performance. SHINY. I'm not going to go that far just yet, because we have 90 days to leave feedback (longer if you know how, which I do)...but it ain't reassuring that I'm not the only one this seller has apparently stiffed.

Maybe something happened to the seller, in which case I will feel bad--and file for a refund anyway.
wolf eyes

Oh, my.

It's like every slash badfic cliche rolled into one steaming mass of crap! Un-spellchecked, check. Angel, Spike, and Gunn, massively out of character? Check. Crappy punctuation, check. Words not capitalized that should be? Check. Run-on sentences, check. Lame dialogue, check. Run-on sentences in lame dialogue? Check.

Angel and Spike with snuggles and teddy bears? Check. Lame plot device to get the Spangely love interests together? Check.

Why do I care, you ask? What makes this any worse than 90% of the rest of the badfic that FFN gets inundated with every day?

Funny, that.

Because it's the same person who told me to "gain some talent."

What's even funnier is that the last line of the fic is this:


And the funny just keeps on coming, because she posted it nine days ago...and has no reviews. Not a single one.

I love the smell of sweet justice in the afternoon...

ETA: I wasn't kidding about the teddy bears. There's a literal teddy bear in the fic. Which Angelus(!) gave to Spike, once upon a time before the whole soul thing happened. No lie.