July 12th, 2006

wolf eyes

I have fic due in a week.

So, naturally, I've been making book-cover-things for the stories I'm taking to the writercon library.

Under the cuts to spare the flist, because they're kinda big:

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Writing? Was is this "writing" of which you speak? So what if my love interests have barely exchanged three sentences thirteen pages into it?

*headdesks* Yeah. I need to get on that...

Come on, Antubis. *kicks Muse in its fuzzy pants*
wolf eyes

And the funny just keeps coming...

Okay, really, I didn't mean to sic my flist on my flamer. She's added to her summary of the story:

flames suck XD oh well flame if you must i will not object but i will not take unecessary cruelty okay all my reviews are kind

Why, yes, little girl, you telling me multiple times that my fic "sucked" and had a "stench" was very "kind" indeed. You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

Also? No one flamed you. A simple "nope" in answer to the question you asked at the end of your chapter isn't a flame. It isn't nice, but it's not a flame. A flame is what you did to me. Get your definitions straight, mmkay?

However, the irony of someone busting my chops over having Buffy use the word "bizarro," when she's used it in canon--and then that person having the vampire who nailed a puppy to a door give Spike (of all people) a teddy bear...pre-soul? And Spike "carries it everywhere," rather than ripping its head off and throwing it back in Angelus's face? Is still filling me with unseemly glee.

Dang, my life must be boring if I'm still keeping up with this...