July 14th, 2006

wolf eyes

To-do list for writercon

Oh, my biggest freaking heck. *flails*

  • pack
  • download, print, and crit fics for Writer's Salon
  • cover art for AAAA--I also need to go back to Office Depot and get another cardstock thing so I'll have something to print it out on.
  • turn the change in the anteater into something I can actually use
  • pins are glued; all I need to do is put people's names on the backs of them so we'll know whose are whose. Also, figure out what I want to use as a donation jar for the pins and pack it.
  • decide just how much cash I want to bring, as opposed to how much I want to put in the checking account and use the debit card
  • figure out exactly what I'm going to say on the Grammar Panel
  • I have fic due the Wednesday before. I need to finish it.

We're going to a Ren Faire in Cedar City tomorrow. WriterCon is sneaking up on us VERY quickly...

*flails some more*