July 15th, 2006

wolf eyes


The Ren Faire was very neat, although a lot smaller than I figured it would be. Cedar City is the home of the Tony-Award-winning Utah Shakespearean Festival, so we thought it would be this huge thing. And it had the requisite people in costume and all that fun stuff...but I'm not sure the 7-hour round trip was worth it, you know?

That being said, I went against all common sense and went ahead and bought a slave bracelet. And it's purty, and it was only $8, and I'm wearing it now, and it's not at all annoying. I had to take out a couple of links in the chain that goes from the ring to the first jewel, because it was sort of flopping around on my hand, and once I swapped it from my ring finger to my middle finger, it quit flopping around even more and is staying put where it belongs. So, yes. Wearing it to the cocktail party. And possibly my brother's wedding.

Also, I did the art for AAAA, got it printed out, and got the fic itself hole-punched and put in the binder. Go, me.
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So, that's done. The final pins still need names on the backs, but they're glued and stuff. Once I do laundry tomorrow, I'll get my final packing done. So, yes, progress is being made...

Including on the fic front. I think I may be on my final scene for the random_urges fic. And I hope that my recipient isn't too disappointed, because, dude. Not even any smoochies in this thing. I may have to gin up a PWP, or a fade-to-black, or something, as a separate fic, and you all know that characters having sex is totally not my thing at all, but...argh. This is what happens when you write fic for someone whose stories you absolutely love. You get scared of disappointing them. *sigh* But I'm knocking on 5800 words for this thing, and it has to end sometime.

In other news, I'm beginning to develop a deep and abiding hate on for my back. The herniated disk is picking one hell of a time to start pitching a fit, yo. *growls*