July 17th, 2006

wolf eyes

Bleh. I suck.

Yeah, this fic? Is *not* going to end in any sort of shippy way. It's apparently not going to have any sort of shippy middle either. And I'm pretty much becoming resigned to that. So, now, I can't decide whether I suck because the story doesn't really get these two characters "together" as such...or because I've pretty much decided to stop trying. Or possibly a combination. Yay.

Between this thing and needing to read and critique the stories for the writercon Writers' Salon, I'm starting to feel panicky and a bit overwhelmed.

Also, I think I may have PMS. I hate my body.

Then there's the fact that we're out of lots of important food, including caffeinated goodness, so I need to go grocery shopping today. I've got a $5 coupon for CafePress that expires tomorrow, and I want the Plot Bunny with Fangs messenger bag, so I also need to go to the bank and make a deposit. I have a book and two DVDs due at the library tomorrow. I haven't finished the book yet, although I've only got 70 pages left (out of 500).

In good eBay news, I got my Fray TPB on Saturday, so I'll have it to read at the airport/on the plane. In not-so-good eBay news, I still haven't heard word one from my seller on the Angel comics that have yet to make an appearance. I'll give him until close of business today, and then file for my refund from Paypal. And again, I say, Yay.

So, I'm seriously considering writing that thing I mentioned yesterday. A vampire and a mechanic walk into a bar...