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August 6th, 2006

01:54 pm
Um, wow.

I've just been asked to be on a fanfic panel at MountainCon. This may be because I emailed the guy running it and asked if there was going to be one, and mentioned that I've written around sixty stories and just got back from WriterCon.

But I hope they actually looked at the stories first, although I didn't give them a link and I'm not sure they know who I am. (DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??? *snickers*) Because how do they know I don't just write sugar-high crackfic with the characters running into walls, screaming about cheese, and throwing water balloons at each other?

10:39 pm
So, you want to write fanfiction?

Some thoughts I'm putting together for the MountainCon fanfic panel. Obviously, I'll have less snark in my actual presentation.

Cut for your pleasure...Collapse )