August 10th, 2006

wolf eyes

So...You Want to Write Fanfiction?

Dude. This thing has expanded way beyond what I think I can cover in an hour, or at most, an hour and a half. It prints out to three full pages, and if the panel is as interactive as I want it to be, we might one? *sobs* I may have to scale it back. Way back. Distill it down to what's actually crucial rather than what's "nice to cover." I'm pretty sure that most of these points could be covered in their own panels.
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wolf eyes

Holy freaking crap.

I swear, we picked an excellent time to buy an airplane. I hope that hotels and motels are prepared for the inundation of people they're going to get needing toiletries. I just wish we had the plane so we wouldn't have to go through all this crap when we go to my brother's wedding next week.

Ruttin' terrorists. They're probably thrilled that, even though this particular plot fell through, they've still managed to disrupt flying for darn near everyone.