August 13th, 2006

wolf eyes

I think Antubis may have come back...

At least, he gave me a couple of plot points for the ScruffDogFic. When I mentioned this at breakfast, the Hubby suggested that I should make it a sequel to the ReaverFic, but you wouldn't find out until the end that it was a sequel, and then he gave me ways to do it. *beats him* The ScruffDog is a real dog, you see, and he really didn't like his rationale for making this a sequel is "She's the kind of dog that would love a Reaver."

Um. NO.

I told him to write it. LOL

Anyway. *cracks knuckles* I think I may be back in the game. And since I've only written 350 words since I put the ReaverFic to bed (not counting the "You Want to Write Fanfic" thing, which was, admittedly, a large undertaking), that's a fine and shiny thing.
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