August 29th, 2006

wolf eyes

Booking travel online...

the day you're traveling?


Holy crap. I got it done, but...holy crap.

Anyway. The Hubby is off to Iowa to pick up our airplane. Without me. I'm lying on the couch with ice under my back. I'm tired and frustrated and in pain and grouchy as hell. The ScruffDogFic sucks. Da Boy is whiny.

Can I just go back to bed and start this entire last week over?

I may post the ScruffDogFic for tearing apart, Writer's Workshop style. Maybe some of you guys (yes, I'm looking at you, justmalea, texanfan, nodrogg, and aadler, specifically, although you're certainly under no obligation) can beat it into something resembling a work that's actually good. Or maybe I'll post it at ficconcrit. Or maybe I'll print it out and use it as birdcage liner.