August 31st, 2006

wolf eyes

More stuff. Kinda random.

Okay, I went to the other chiropractor yesterday, and he disapproves of the six-month plan thing that the other one wanted to do. He said that that's a form of "practice management," where you get people to commit to this big long thing and get the money up front, and it's basically a money-making thing. Which is what the Hubby figured. So, I called the first one back and cancelled all the future stuff with the receptionist. Then I got a call back from the doctor later. He was disappointed and said stuff about fixing the "underlying problem"...which I don't ever recall him telling me what that actually is. Heh.

I had slightly more movement last night before I went to bed. This is a good thing. Once I get my "normal" range back, we'll invest in getting my leg tendons lengthened and strengthened. I have another appointment to get my back cracked tomorrow. Today, ibuprofen and ice.

Da Boy...has been an odd combination of a joy and a trial lately. Having me flat on my back and snappish from pain probably hasn't helped. He was really whiny yesterday, very annoying. I was ready to send him to his room for the rest of the damb day if he kept it up. You know, I never wanted to be one of those parents that parks their kids in front of the television, but if it wasn't for Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder, I think my sanity would have been gone by now.

That being said, he's done a couple of things in the last few days that have made me laugh. The other night, I was discussing with the Hubby what to make him for dinner. "O-A-T-M-E-A-L?" I asked. And then Da Boy said "Does that spell 'oatmeal'?" Hee! This is a kid, BTW, who has evinced negative (as in, he's actually opposed to it) interest in actually learning to read.

Yesterday, at the chiro's office, they had some wooden blocks for kids to play with while their parents get seen to. He set them up and then informed me that he hoped that "Hezbollah rockets wouldn't hit the houses." Which made me go o.O We don't watch much TV news, but I guess it's possible we've been listening to too much talk radio. The Hubby said that he had a rant about that awhile back that Da Boy seemed impressed by; maybe that was it.

The radio that we've been waiting on for the airplane actually arrived when the Hubby was there, so that's a good. However, when he went to fly the plane, it wouldn't run up to power. Apparently it needed a new cable for the fuel mixture control, which should have arrived this morning. The weather doesn't look too good for his trip home; he may be stuck there an extra couple of days. *sigh* I wish I was there.

Writing? What is this writing of which you speak? I signed up for the new round of the cya_ficathon; hopefully I'll be able to get something out of it. My prompt for friend_fic hasn't shaken anything loose yet. The ScruffDogFic still sucks.