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September 3rd, 2006

12:10 pm
Farscape icons!

I made eight of them yesterday. Go, me!


Five more under the cut...Collapse )

06:15 pm
Update on the airplane!

Hubby is home with it. It flew great. Yay!

Now we have to figure out where we're going to take it first. Rapid City, SD, sounds good. There's Mount Rushmore, which is all kinds of kewl, Bear Country USA, and Reptile Gardens.

Last time we went to Reptile Gardens, lo, many many years ago, we got there right when they opened, and we were still there something like four hours later. One of the employees apparently noticed, and he approached us. "It's really nice to see people who take the time and really look around. Would you like to come back behind the scenes and see what we've got back there?"


And it was So. Cool. We got to see newly-hatched snakes, he got a cobra to hood for us, saw some spitting cobras actually spit...Dude. It was awesome. So I'm hoping we can go back there. Not that I think we'll get to do that again, but the place is really really neat for people who like reptiles.