September 13th, 2006

wolf eyes

Let it never be said...

...that my child is dumb.

He lost his first tooth yesterday. We did the requisite thing with the tooth under the pillow, and he woke up this morning with an extra dollar to his name. So the Hubby asked him if he put his tooth under his pillow, and Da Boy said, "It turned into a dollar, and now I need to get another tooth failure so I can get another money so I can buy Thomas."

So, we've had to explain to him that the teeth need to fall out on their own, because the Tooth Fairy is on a schedule and won't leave him money for teeth he just yanks or knocks out of his head. No, Boy. Lost teeth are not a cash cow for you.

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In other news, my dog cleans up purty, my back is slightly better today, and the cord for my laptop fan is doing bad things. As it is cheaper to buy an entire new (and better) fan than it is to just replace the cord (if I could find one anywhere else anyway; the manufacturer's is $10--BEFORE factoring in shipping), I'll be bidding on sniping one on eBay later tonight. Gyah. I love spending money on stuff I didn't plan on...

Also, the Muses have not only left the building, they may have left the planet. If anyone sees them, could you collar them and send them my way? I have fic due in a couple of weeks.