September 16th, 2006

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The good:
  • My back is WAY better. Still not a hundred percent, but I can move (mostly) freely again.
  • I wrote 265 words in my friend_fic yesterday after having a slight breakthrough the night before. This doesn't seem like much, but, trust me, considering the fact that it's been darn near a week since I've written anything at all, it's definitely a thing for the "good" column.
  • I finished Jim Butcher's "Academ's Fury" this morning. *kermitflail* ZOMG, the man can write.
  • My new laptop cooler should be here Monday.
  • The seller for my Angel Scriptbooks finally got back to me after I filed with Paypal wondering where the hell they are. I got an email from him yesterday telling me that they're on their way. I'll believe it when they're in my hot little hands.

The bad:
  • The weather blows, man. We got snow in the mountains yesterday.
  • I really have no idea where the friend_fic is going. At all.

The ugly:
  • My scale told me this morning that I weigh 12 pounds more than I want to. Ugh.

And even though the good apparently outweighs the bad and the ugly, numerically...I'm still grouchy as hell because of what the scale said. *sigh*
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