October 6th, 2006

wolf eyes

Running word count...

Words written yesterday in new paragraphs: 0
Total words: 1653

So, I apparently added some words...somewhere. But we got paid and ran errands and went and saw "Open Season" yesterday, and then it was Buffy Night, so I didn't have much time to write.

I got my cya_ficathon assignment. *dances* Oh, yes, looking forward to this. I actually had four requests, and I may write at least two of them. However, I must remind myself to write the OrigiFic first. That takes priority until closer to the deadline. However, I should be able to write the requested things in my sleep, so I'll mull plotlines for them for a few days and see what comes out.

Um, yes, go see "Open Season." Fun stuff. A beaver with a chainsaw never gets old.

Also, I wish to turn in my uterus now. Anyone want one, slightly used?
wolf eyes


We probably let Da Boy watch some inappropriate TV shows. "Lost" and "Bones" being cases in point.

Why do I say this now? Because he's playing "Thomas the Tank Engine"...and one of the characters got run off the track. What did this character say, via Da Boy? "Sonofabitch!"

Yeah. I had to inform him that, while it may be in character for Sawyer to say such a thing, the Thomas characters would probably confine themselves to phrases like "Cinders and ashes!" instead.

Last night, at Buffy night, Tiffany informed me that, at the Serenity Shindig on the 30th, Da Boy kept asking her "Are you Bones?" And she had the hardest time figuring out what he was talking about, because she's only caught bits and pieces of "Bones." She thought he was being kind of creepy and asking her if she was a skeleton before she caught on.

And, dude...she looks almost exactly like Emily Deschanel. It's uncanny.
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