October 7th, 2006

wolf eyes

Word count...

Words in new paragraphs: 62
Total words: 1748

So, I figured out pretty much what my last line is going to be. Happy ending? Who needs those? *evil laughter* However, that means the whole story needs a darker, creepier tone than what I've been setting, so I did some internal tweaking. I realize that everyone says "write the first draft first and then tweak it once it's done," but I've never written that way. Writing, for me, is a very organic experience, and if I figure out something that needs to be fixed, it bugs me and makes forward progress on the actual plot darn near impossible until I fix it.

They also say "Write how it works for you," and with sixty-some fics under my belt, I think I've figured it out. So, yes, not much actual movement yesterday, but much thinking and ruminating and mulling over was done.

In other news, I caught something that the good folks at whedonesque apparently missed. Someone posted that last night's ep of "Numb3rs" had a trifecta of WhedonVerse actors (Navi Rawat, David Krumholtz, and Armin Shimmerman), but they totally missed Benito Martinez, who played the Boss on the Net in "Our Mrs Reynolds." And since I'm not a member there and can't join (they don't have open membership), all I could do was leave a comment on the LJ feed and hope someone saw it.

Today's agenda: Firefly Meetup, laundry, vacuuming, and writing.

Also? LJ is being a butthead today.