October 10th, 2006

wolf eyes


I thought the editing process was supposed to make you take out chunks and tighten up your wording. However, after going over the "horse needs clothes" story tonight (this morning?), it turns out that I've actually added 165 words to it. I changed the last sentence to something with more punch, added more details and description, and made it overall scarier (I hope) than it was before.

So. I'm happier with it. Not completely sure I'm happy happy with it yet, but it's getting better, anyhow.
wolf eyes

*looks back...

over previous entries*

...the ramifications of my major plot point may turn into an actual novel.

Unless I kill off both my major characters in the first 2500 words. [Soup Nazi] No novel for you!

I'm a bit happier with it. Seems every edit of the thing makes me more pleased. Gee, maybe it'll even be fit for the writers' group after the one tomorrow. Note to self: Print out "Illegal Beagles" for Chris.

Other note to self: Right now might be a good time to start your ficathon entries. Really, seven weeks isn't that much time. It's not. Especially when you have another crossover (or three) to write. *looks over requests and is once more filled with glee*