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October 25th, 2006

01:07 am
New author...

The lovely and effulgent naominovik was brought to my attention via this wank, wherein the notorious Lee Goldberg, fanfic hater extraordinaire, misinterpreted a quote of hers in the NYT. As usual, he got his head handed to him in the debate.

However, I think I'll choose to be grateful to him in this instance, because otherwise I wouldn't have heard of Naomi's Temeraire series. Yes, I am woefully out of touch when it comes to new books, especially since I have so many old ones in my basement waiting for my attention. However, I just picked up the first book in the series, "His Majesty's Dragon," and I'm having a hard time putting it down.

The basic premise is, we've got the Brits and the French going at each other in the Napoleanic Wars. With dragons.

Yup. She's taken history and tweaked it by adding something utterly fantastic. And so far, sixty-some-odd pages in, it works. Her characters are engaging, the plot fascinating.

Her style is...interesting. Does it count as semi-colon abuse to have four of them in one paragraph? I try not to have more than one per page; seeing four in one paragraph was, um, disconcerting. Especially since I got a note from my (also published) Mom once saying "Don't use semi-colons in fiction." But, hey. Naomi's published, and I'm not. So who am I to complain?

Also, Peter Jackson has optioned the books and wants to make movies out of them. HOW COOL IS THAT???

05:22 pm
*growls in annoyance*

I was pleased this morning to find reviews for my three crossover fics in my inbox this morning. Yay! I thought. Someone else who likes crossovers. I was less pleased when I actually looked at the reviews, however.

For my Spike/Kaylee fic, there was this:
lol angel in the FF verse :)
with IIlyria! hehe

there's a new crossover site you might want to post this at:

Yeah, Angel and Illyria? Not really the focus of that story. Did you read all three chapters?

For my seven-chapter, several-thousand word fic, wherein I hook up Jayne and Illyria in the middle of an apocalypse:
lol. fred/illyria and spike in the FF verse... hehe

there's a new crossover site you might want to post this at:

And for my Faith-in-the-FireflyVerse fic, there was simply this:
there's a new crossover site you might want to post this at:

One review advertising your site, I wouldn't have minded. However, when you spam me three times, and one of the "reviews" is simply an ad for your site with no comment whatsoever on the fic, and the other two consist of "hehe"? Not a way to get on my good side, there.

It might also help if you used proper spelling and grammar. Because if you're trying to attract people to your site, looking like an illiterate drooling fangirl probably isn't the way to go. And misspelling a character's name (who the hell is IIlyria?) is something I actually rant about, dude.

You FAIL. And I'm seriously thinking about reporting you to FFN for spam.