November 6th, 2006

wolf eyes

State of the agilebrit

I scribbled 742 additional words on the BeagleFic last night. Adding dramatic tension while keeping the thing fairly light has been a hell of a tightrope walk. It'll be interesting to see what my Writing Buddy thinks of it. All I really need to do now is fix up the scene where Kaylee Mandy asks Mal Russ if she can keep one, and the very last thing where they drop off the dogs, and it'll be ready for beta. *shudders* Again.

And then I'll really have to buckle down on the cya_ficathon thing. Because, dude. Deadline.

Which, gyah. I want to write at least two of the other requests I got as well. And I need to work on the Horse Needs Clothes story. I've got two people saying "No, don't kill him, that's a cop-out. Besides, you need to continue this thing. So, rescue him already." Yeah, thanks, guys.

In other news, Da Boy told me this long involved story yesterday about dinosaurs, a dragon he got to ride on that had lost its mommy, and a lynx that had also lost its mommy. They were all in the SAME story, and as far as I could tell, he didn't get any elements of it from Thomas the Tank Engine or Bob the Builder. Five years old and already has the soul of a storyteller. Must be in the genes...