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November 8th, 2006

12:40 pm
Bah, phooey.

Well, the good news is that we didn't lose more seats to the Dems than we did. Historically, this is really nothing new; the party in the White House generally loses seats in the House and Senate, especially at mid-term elections, and especially in a second term. *sigh* But having to hear the words "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi" is going to be...grating. Ugh. And Rummy's gone; I'm going to miss him and his straight-from-the-shoulder press conferences.

That being said...

Joe Leiberman won. HAH.


I've finished the first draft of the re-write of the BeagleFic. I just sat down in the other room with no distractions and DID it. I've done a half hour on the bike, with a half hour to go. I have something to give my Writing Buddy tonight. A new Spike comic is out today.

So, while I'm not too happy about the state of politics, my own personal state is pretty darn good right now.

05:34 pm
Don't forget...

Nathan Fillion's on "Lost" tonight.

We went to Walmart and picked up "Cars." Yay! Grab it now, folks; it's on sale.

I did an hour on the bike and burned 500 calories.

And I get to leave for Wednesday Write in fifteen minutes. Mmm. Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato. And a new comic, to be grabbed on my way there.

Life is...decent.