November 8th, 2006

wolf eyes

Bah, phooey.

Well, the good news is that we didn't lose more seats to the Dems than we did. Historically, this is really nothing new; the party in the White House generally loses seats in the House and Senate, especially at mid-term elections, and especially in a second term. *sigh* But having to hear the words "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi" is going to be...grating. Ugh. And Rummy's gone; I'm going to miss him and his straight-from-the-shoulder press conferences.

That being said...

Joe Leiberman won. HAH.


I've finished the first draft of the re-write of the BeagleFic. I just sat down in the other room with no distractions and DID it. I've done a half hour on the bike, with a half hour to go. I have something to give my Writing Buddy tonight. A new Spike comic is out today.

So, while I'm not too happy about the state of politics, my own personal state is pretty darn good right now.
wolf eyes

Don't forget...

Nathan Fillion's on "Lost" tonight.

We went to Walmart and picked up "Cars." Yay! Grab it now, folks; it's on sale.

I did an hour on the bike and burned 500 calories.

And I get to leave for Wednesday Write in fifteen minutes. Mmm. Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato. And a new comic, to be grabbed on my way there.

Life is...decent.
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