November 20th, 2006

wolf eyes


I don't think the toe is actually broken. I would think it would hurt more if it was.

But it's turned all sorts of pretty colors. Mostly purple. And, yes, it hurts. Just...not as much I think it should, were it broken.

*cracks knuckles and attempts to decide if I should just gloss over the rest of the death and destruction in this neighborhood in this fic and gallop to a conclusion, or if the gory details would be interesting*
wolf eyes


ZOMG. *flails* I love this show!

I'm a bit confuzzled about something, though. Obviously, Peter has to be in close proximity to someone to get their power, but how permanent is it? Can he fly NOW, when he's been away from Nathan for so long, or can he only do it again when he's been around Nathan?

Dude, I was biting my finger the entire ep. I'm surprised I don't have permanent teeth marks. Or blood.

In other news, the gargoyle story has broken 2100 words. Go, me.

ETA: Spoilers in the comments!