November 27th, 2006

wolf eyes

Tonight's "Heroes"...

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In writing news, the gargoyle story is up to 4,332 words. I'm on the last two pages of this edit. After this, I'll run it by the Hubby again, and also my Writing Buddy and my (published) Mom.

Also, I just got an email from my Writing Buddy. He said, about the BeagleFic, and I quote:

That went from "Umm, this really needs some work" to "Wow, this is cool shit!" in a hurry.

He's still got suggestions for it, which is good, because I added a whole LOT of stuff to it, but it makes me feel much better.

*cracks knuckles and settles down to write*
wolf eyes


The GargoyleFic, Mark II, is done.

Word count: 4453

Tomorrow, I'll run it by the Hubby, who crashed for the night right after "Heroes," because he had to get up at silly o'clock this morning.