December 2nd, 2006

wolf eyes

*sigh* I suck.

cya_ficathon due today.

Is it done?

Oh, HELL no.

I have ten pages of...rambling. Plot? We don't need no steenking plot. No, agilebrit, characters snarking at each other for 3500 words isn't plot, per se.

Also, I know there's a rule about showing a gun in the first scene and having to fire it by the third. Is there a similar rule about boobies and sex?

Bah. I should have been able to write this in my sleep, dammit.

In other news, I've been thinking about switching my icons around. I'd like to have a Heroes one and a Farscape one, and a Spike one too. *sigh*
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wolf eyes

Well, hey.

The Muse came back. I have plot-age. I have the CYA request fulfilled. Lo, I have even fed my cast-iron kink. I have over a thousand words, just today.

However, I don't have an ending.

And now I'm stalled again.


I'm trying to decide what exactly the reaction of the Serenity crew would be if they suddenly found out that the guy they've been sharing a spaceship with for the last four days is a vampire. For the sake of discussion, they're on the ground dropping Spike and Illyria off when something goes disastrously wrong and the big reveal is...revealed.

And I'm also trying to decide if it even matters, or if I can just gloss over it, cut to the scene in Caritas-on-Beaumonde, and finish the damb thing.
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